New students of Industrial Engineering and Management pose for Zuyd's anniversary

During their introduction day at the end of August, a few new students from Industrial Engineering and Management had their picture taken while holding a number balloon : the number 20 especially for Zuyd's 20th anniversary. They enthusiastically explained why they had chosen to study Industrial Engineering at the celebrating Zuyd University. 

Why this study programme?

Amy: 'I chose Zuyd because it is not too large-scale and therefore there is a friendly atmosphere. I immediately noticed this atmosphere during my first trial day at the Industrial Engineering and Management. It looked very pleasant, something I missed at other universities of applied sciences. 

Laura: 'I wanted to study a interesting programme close to home'.

Nadine: 'I have already completed a technical secondary vocational education (mbo) and I would like to continue studying engineering in order to reach a higher level.

Working on a project together with fellow students, then you get to know each other and you can also learn from each other by working together.


Also celebrating

One of the teachers, Pascal Slaats, is also feeling a bit festive himself ... Together with Zuyd University he is also celebrating his 20th anniversary, namely 20 years in education. Pascal therefore spontaneously had his picture taken while holding the number 20 ...

Pascal says: 'After 5 years of building up a company as co-owner, followed by a year of preparation for an IPO, it was time for something new. I never thought it would become teaching. Within the company, I had always trained many people and coached trainees, but had never linked this to the ambition of a job. Fortunately, 20 years ago I was asked to share my knowledge and experience within the bachelor programme where I graduated from. I was willing to give it a try for a year. Now, 20 years later, I still enjoy helping to shape education. Recently, I joined a new team that has built a new version of the study programme Industrial Engineering and Management with fresh enthusiasm and high ambition. Proud that I can be part of it. Those 20 years seem to have flown by! Education keeps you young.

20 years of education keeps you young!

Pascal Slaat