The Art of Learning

June event: 3D printing and pavement chalking

The academies Engineering and Applied Science have two birthday events in store this month in honor of 20 years Zuyd University. Engineering organizes a workshop 3D printing while Applied Science invites everyone within Zuyd to work with chalk. 

Print a charpy

During the 3D printing workshop, thirteen interested people can go to the Innovation Lab of Engineering in Heerlen on June 21 to print a so-called 'charpy'. These printed test bars of PLA (a sustainable alternative for plastic) will be tested at the end of the workshop to see how strong and flexible the material is. During the 3D printing workshop, a nice prize is awarded. This goes to the participant with the strongest 'charpy'. All participants will also receive a 3D printed keychain as a gift. This can also be used as a bottle opener.  

How to participate 

Interested? Write a short motivation why you want to get acquainted with 3D printing and mail it before 16 June to A selection committee will determine the thirteen lucky participants. If there are more applications, Engineering will see if these interested people can also be invited.  

The two-and-a-half-hour workshop starts at 2 pm. Participants must bring a laptop and comply with the applicable RIVM rules. 

The twentieth atom

Applied Science also asks all students and employees of Zuyd to work with pavement chalk. Why pavement chalk? Chalk consists largely of calcium and let that be the twentieth atom in the 'periodic table' (a table with the numbering of all chemical elements). For Applied Science, it was only logical to do something with calcium to celebrate Zuyd's 20th anniversary.