The Art of Learning

Zuyd staff members honoured with flowers

On 20 January, Zuyd University presented flowers to 52 of its employees for their 20th anniversary. Usually, twenty years of service is not an official anniversary. But in honour of Zuyd's 20th anniversary, an exception was made for once.

Red and white tulips

The flowers (in the colours of Zuyd: a bouquet of ten red and ten white tulips) were deliberately delivered on 20 January. On New Year's Eve, Zuyd already announced that in 2021 a festive event would be scheduled on the twentieth of every month. Which one, remains a mystery. Employees and students only know that the theme of this festive year is "The Art of Learning".  

The organisation did let it be known that all Zuyd students who turn twenty this year will receive a birthday card. So the first birthday boys have already been congratulated. The special anniversary website will also be launched in February, with a report of all festivities and announcements. On Social Media you can already share reactions and photos with #20jaarZuyd.