Job opportunities after Facility Management at Zuyd University

Facility Management students have a better chance of finding a job after their studies at Zuyd University. This is because Zuyd cooperates with the professional association Nevi. This collaboration has now been extended once again. 

Thanks to this agreement, students with a bachelor's degree from Zuyd can be exempted from certain Nevi courses. They are also allowed to start immediately on a Nevi course 2. However, conditions are: a membership of Nevi and you must be a student of Zuyd and have followed the minor in purchasing management. During this in-depth module, students learn everything about sustainable purchasing. In other words, circular procurement. This means that already when they are buying products and services, they choose materials that will not be lost at the end of their life cycle. So they have to be reused: 'Keep the loops closed! 

Festive touch

Nevi is known as the knowledge network for procurement professionals with no less than 6500 members. Their training courses are ideal for students of Facility Management to significantly increase their chances of finding a good job. On Tuesday 12 October, the cooperation between Zuyd and Nevi was further reinforced during the symposium 'Working Together on Sustainable Procurement' at the Academy for Facility Management in Heerlen. This was given an extra festive touch because Zuyd and Nevi are both celebrating an anniversary. Nevi is 65 years old and Zuyd 20 years.

Great careersĀ 

Besides Zuyd, four other universities of applied sciences have a cooperation agreement with Nevi. Jeroen Hulsman, Director of Product Development and Operations at Nevi: "Through this collaboration, we as a professional association want to work on the increasing demand for procurement professionals. We bring students into contact with the multifaceted practice of the profession and thus interest them in a good career in procurement." Programme manager Richard Verboeket of Facility Management and coordinator of the minor in Purchasing Management agrees: "I am proud that we as an academy, in cooperation with Nevi, can put purchasing further on the map in the South".