The Art of Learning

Happy 20th anniversary to our international and intercultural Zuyd family!

International Business and Communication with its 4 bachelor programmes (Oriental Languages and Communication, European Studies, Translation and Interpreting and International Business) congratulates Zuyd University of Applied Sciences on its 20th anniversary in a very special way! 20 alumni who flew all over the world congratulate Zuyd in a personal and open-hearted way with congratulations in all languages, beautiful views of the future, cake and music.

The study programmes in the domain ‘International Business and Communication’ educate connectors with a global mind. What we are most proud of is our alumni. They brought Zuyd to the world and the world to Zuyd. Therefore, we have asked 20 of our graduates, living and working all over the world, to share how Zuyd contributed to their personal and professional development. Take a look and get inspired.

Cheers to diversity and international collaboration as well as on 20 years Zuyd University of Applied Science and the Art of Learning!

(The videos of the graduates of International Business and European Studies are in English. The other videos are in Dutch).

Below you find a compilation video.