The Art of Learning

How to commit a murder?

In what ways can you kill someone, what is the best technique and who can you actually trust? These are the kinds of lurid questions that Zuyd University's Translation Academy will be tackling in The Dictation 2021 on May 20.

Especially in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Translation Academy and the 20th anniversary of Zuyd, the Netherlands' most successful and awarded thriller writer Esther Verhoef has written a dictation with a raw edge. And one thing is certain: the lives of the participants in the dictation will never be the same afterwards.

The Dictation is organized annually for the students of the Translation Academy and the University of Antwerp. In this festive year, anyone who wants to can participate in the online spelling check. The Dictee is in Dutch, but do you still want to participate and can you use a good alibi on May 20 between 13.30 and 16.00? Sign up now. Participants will receive a participation link after registration.