Free pitch training at Zuyd Professional

Who finds presenting or public speaking scary, can now sign up for a free pitch training. In honour of 20 years of Zuyd University Zuyd Professional is offering twenty free places for a pitch workshop on 19 October. 

Is pitching scary?
Actually, everyone pitches regularly. At work, at school or during your free time. A pitch is a convincing short presentation with a clear goal. In which you tell what you are doing, what your ideas are and what you want to achieve. Maybe you find pitching a bit scary, or you would like to get more tools for a good pitch. 

The art of learning to pitch

During the workshop of Zuyd Professional, you will learn presentation skills that will improve your pitch. Your story will be stronger in terms of content and the way you say it will be more convincing. 
You will also achieve

  • That you are more self-assured during your pitch;
  • That you can take people with you in your story so they become enthusiastic and eager to help you;
  • That you realise what you are good at and can use it in a smarter way.

The workshop includes a lot of your own input, examples from practice and variety. The exact content will be adjusted to your (work) situation and goals, so every participant can get the most out of it. The pitch training thus fits in seamlessly with the motto of 20 years of Zuyd: The Art of Learning! 

Sign up now 
The workshop on 19 October will be held at Zuyd in Heerlen from 18:30 to 21:15. In order to have a chance of winning the free training, interested parties should register as soon as possible. After your registration you will hear as soon as possible whether you are one of the twenty lucky people.


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