The Art of Learning

In 2021 we celebrate our 20th anniversary

This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. With our 30 academies - consisting of approximately 50 study programmes, 25 research centres, various centres of expertise and practical labs - we form a strong community that officially found its origin in 2001. However, our history in the region goes back much further, to 1823, when art education started in Maastricht. In this festive year, we will celebrate and commemorate this momentous event with our students, staff and partners. Our motto for this year: The Art of Learning!

June event: 3D printing and pavement chalking

The academies Engineering and Applied Science have two birthday events in store this month in honor of 20 years Zuyd University. Engineering organizes a workshop 3D printing while Applied Science invites everyone within Zuyd to work with chalk.